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Hydration Lifestyle Therapy

We strive to be the true meaning of hydration on-the-go! Hydration Lifestyle IV Therapy is a luxurious in-home or personal location IV therapeutic treatment. Using highly qualified licensed professionals, Hydration Lifestyle IV staff makes sure your treatment is delivered with ease. We get you back on track after a hangover, help you to shed a few pounds, get over a cold or any other reason you may have for a visit. We take pride in delivering nutrient-rich vitamins & minerals, provided in a fast and effective way. We adjust to your schedule, so your life is not interrupted. Hydration Lifestyle IV Therapy will be there in no time to help you get back on your feet and feeling great.

Safe. Effective, Professional…

It is our mission to deliver only the very best in IV therapeutic sessions. With our staff of helpful, friendly professionals, we strive to give you a quick-but-relaxing experience- and do it all whenever it is convenient for you! In an hour or less, Hydration Lifestyle can have an IV treatment specialist to your location to assist you. Treatments take just 30-60 minutes. We do our best to make it simpler for you to shake that nasty cold, shed those last few pounds you’re avoiding ice cream over, or re-charge the morning after you took that 4thtequila shot at girls’ night… Whatever your reason, we’re here to help!

Our IV Therapeutic Team

Hydration Lifestyle Intravenous Therapy

Our Hydration Lifestyle Therapeutic Team is well-equipped and qualified. All staff members handling IV equipment are certified professionals who have been thoroughly vetted. They are specially trained on how to administer our Hydration Lifestyle IV therapeutic treatments. When you set an appointment, one of our team members will provide you with the specific details of your treatment, as well as the name of the medical professional who will be visiting you.


How our drips are made

You might be wondering – Where do our IV’s come from? How do we make sure you receive safe, quality care? In order to provide you with the best of everything, we get our premium IV packs right here in America using only the highest quality ingredients available. Hydration Lifestyle prides itself on being committed to using only USA-based products. All of the products we use are FDA approved. Our IV fluids are held and refrigerated in a sterile environment that is monitored and handled by Hydration Lifestyle registered nurses.

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One of our trained nurses will come to your home to help administer our vitamin enriched IV drips

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